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Monday, September 29, 2014

Visual Inspiration and Tasty Treats: Faith Hunter's BROKEN SOUL (Pinterest Reveal and Giveaway)

So, I'm excited. In just over a week, this happens:

On October 7th, Faith Hunter's BROKEN SOUL releases! And we all get to enjoy a new adventure from the most entertaining Cherokee shapeshifter and sentient puma to ever share one body:

Jane Yellowrock is a vampire killer for hire—but other creatures of the night still need to watch their backs....

When the Master of the city of New Orleans asks Jane to improve security for a future visit from a delegation of European vampires, she names an exorbitant price—and Leo is willing to pay. That’s because the European vamps want Leo’s territory, and he knows that he needs Jane to prevent a total bloodbath. Leo, however, doesn’t mention how this new job will change Jane’s life or the danger it will bring her and her team.

Jane has more to worry about than some greedy vampires. There’s a vicious creature stalking the streets of New Orleans, and its agenda seems to be ripping Leo and her to pieces. Now Jane just has to figure out how to kill something she can’t even see…

Wow. Jane's pretty good about overcoming insurmountable odds, but this sounds like things are about to go sideways in her eighth book even worse than normal.

So, today we have a real treat, one that definitely speaks to me because I like taking photos (and not just pictures of my cats): The brand-new boards at the Jane Yellowrock Pinterest site!

The first is the Visual Inspiration board. Here readers get to check out some of the author's collection of images she uses to help inspire her writing.

"Inspiration by Night" — This one's my favourite.
image used with permission

I love taking photos of places and things that look cool, especially when I can later use them in my writing. So I think it's fantastic that this collection is here for us fans to check out. Sure, nothing beats Jane's impressions of the Big Easy, but this adds a colourful new dimension to further enhance the reader experience. And here we get to see a few teasers for what's to come in Book 9.

The second is a board after my own stomach: the Southern Cooking board.

"Beignets and CafĂ© au Lait"  — Oh, my.  
image used with permission

Excuse me. I think I hear a Tim's French Vanilla calling my name. Which totally doesn't do this flavourful picture justice, but for now, it'll have to do.

So there you have it: two great ways to interact with the world of Jane Yellowrock. As I mentioned, her eighth big adventure, BROKEN SOUL, is available for pre-order. But if you're in the US, you can also enter to win a copy right here! Just leave a comment telling me about your favourite picture in the pinterest boards I've shared. Or, share how you've used photos for your own visual inspiration!

Now, excuse me. I suddenly have the urge to spend my day off cooking...

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Stuff gets in the way sometimes.

Stuff can be a problem.

Sometimes it's stuff that can't be shared. Whatever the reasons.

Stuff is a clever thief. It takes and takes and then it when it seems like it's done taking, it takes the resilience last, so that it can take some more.

For the past two months, stuff has run me ragged. Stuff has stifled my creativity. And yes there's ownership, there's the acknowledgement that I've let stuff do this to me, but that does not mean that I am its source.

I am dealing with stuff as best I can.

But I am done with stuff keeping me from myself.