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Monday, October 10, 2011

October WIPmadness: Week 2 Check-in

Good morning, WIPmadness peeps! It's Monday again. How did things go this last week?

For me, it was a bit uneven. Part one of that's because that this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so we had things to do that involved seeing family and eating much turkey and associated dishes. Part two was that a friend was in town visiting family, so we had a poker game on Saturday that went quite late. And part three? I made it back to sword class, yaaay!

But it also meant I didn't have much uninterrupted writing time.

What I did accomplish:
- I picked up the ingredients for tiger butter, which I'll spend a few hours making next weekend.
- I made it to sword class and I kept logging what I ate. Mostly. Last night's turkey dinner ... um, well, it was a holiday, right?
- I crossed off a few more items from the List of 17. I *believe* I'm down to 5 now. And today's a holiday, capped with a write-in. I'll have the opportunity for quite a bit of writing, if I make the time to write. Wish me luck!

This next week I've got to put myself into gear, in preparation for the SiWC. I also really want to cross off those last five things. I sincerely hope I can.

How about you?


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    My week was a bit uneven, too. I got a nice chunk of my new WIP written, but stumbled in my revision. I spent a long time on it yesterday, feeling like I was getting nowhere, then as I was going to sleep, a solution popped into my head. Of course. But since I needed sleep for work today, I just jotted a note and will try to tackle the scenes later this week.

  2. Ooooh, leftover turkey sandwiches - my fave! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    I've continued to plow forward with revisions like a good little work horse - currently at page 164 of now 255. I've also more than 2/3 through a ms I'm beta'ing and got some little crit stuff done for my crit group.

    This Thursday I leave for my art ed conference so even though I'm taking my computer, my hunch is it will be a lost weekend. I'm going to try and get to page 200 before I leave though and finishing beta'ing the ms.

    Other than that, my son almost totaled the Subaru he drives by hitting it in just the right spot against the truck's fender. Going less than 3mph in our driveway - Truck's dented too. His car has liability only so that I could afford to pay insurance for a teenaged driver, so he's s.o.l. till he can hopefully get it fixed. Definitely needs a new hood, and new front end, and hopefully where it hit the radiator and tilted everything it will still run. Sigh.

    Great writing week all!

  3. Please excuse my grammar snafus. Dear lord, what a mess that post was! Tired much?

  4. Mmmmm...Turkey... Happy Thanksgiving!

    All in all, it wasn't a bad week. I revised almost 9 chapters and had 2, maybe even 3 significant breakthroughs.

    I'm going to launch into this week with a new focus. Thought tomorrow will be rocky as we drive 1 1/2 hours to take Ghost Daughter to a new doctor and then 1 1/2 hours back home. And Friday I head to Alabama for the SCBWI Southern Breeze fall conference. Rev me up, fellow writers. I need a little inspiration... sorry about the Subaru. :-(

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    My week went pretty well. I got a bit of work done on the draft, worked out a bit of world-building, and I think there was some character history in there too. This week I'm going to try to focus more on actual drafting, because the temptation to let it slide is all too great, and that way lies trouble.

  6. Hello my lovelies!
    Sounds like things are looking up, L.S. Yay!

    I took a much needed break from the routine this past week and read a dozen books. I did write some, but mostly I filled my tank. Agent and I will be discussing revisions tomorrow, so I'll be diving back into the MS I haven't touched since May. Looking forward to that. I realized over the weekend that I'm in a rut, so I'm looking for ways to get out of it. Have a few ideas. . .

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  7. Hey everyone! Seems most of us kind of just plugged along with some breaks, and that's definitely me. I got a tough scene done that I was dreading. And I love it. So that's good. Hoping that pushes me forward. But I definitely did lots of reading and napping this weekend. Just worn out. And also in a rut. Not sure what to do about that...

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Good job keeping up some #wipmadness even with #turkeymadness going on. :-)

    I drafted 11 pages on my newer WIP, which was fine, but I lost a couple of days to a fall cold, which kept me from getting into a real stride. Plus, my twin girls had their fourth birthday yesterday! FOUR years old! I can barely believe it ...

    No preschool today, but I'm still hoping to get cracking as the girls nap, and to get myself into a #wipmadness rhythm this week.

    Then it's off to Rutgers for the One-on-One Conference on Saturday!! Talk about #wipmadness!

    Have a great week, everyone!


  9. Thanks, everyone, for the Turkeyday wellwishes. :)

    Jennifer, I completely get that feeling of making no progress, only to realize what I have to do when I'm supposed to be going to bed. Good for you for making the notes and putting sleep first. I ... um ... *points at timestamp* And yay for new writing!

    JRo, sounds like you've made great progress. And may the totalled car prove to be a valuable learning experience for your son. Have fun at your art conference!

    (And I wouldn't worry about the grammar errors. They happen. You shall not be judged herein. *grin*)

    Mary Ann, breakthroughs are awesome. I love it when I have epiphanies about the story that help it come together and fuel me to do more. Hope all goes well. Have fun at your conference, too!

    Jamie, balancing the story and worldbuilding can be a challenge. Sounds like you've got the right idea, focusing on the drafting.

    Angelina, I guess I did make some progress. Thanks! Filling the tank is important. I hope the reading has helped. I find interacting with people can also help. That and baking. ;) Hope the rewrites go well!

    Girl Parker, ruts aren't very fun. It can't hurt to take a break from the WIP if doing so helps. Reading is definitely good for that. So is doing something enjoyable that has nothing to do with writing whatsoever. Glad to hear you made some progress!

    Kiperoo, tell me about it! Colds can really throw a wrench in the works. I hope you're feeling better now. And happy birthday to your twins! Two of my sisters are twins. They have their own special energy, even as adults. And you have fun at your conference, too! (I'm sensing a theme, here ...)

    Have a great week, everyone!

  10. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! And what in the world is tiger butter, or have I been living under a rock (per the usual)?

    1. I finished massive anthology book. Check.
    2. I began writing a short story. Meh, sorta check.
    3. I finished a new iteration of WIP query. Check.
    4. I broke into book 1 of 4 like-my-WIP books. So... heck, check.

    This week, my goal is to write query iteration 4, finish reading Virus on Orbis 1, and churn out 5k or more on new short story.

    Luck, all!

  11. Congrats on getting so many things done on your list! Here's to a good week working through the last five. :)

    I made decent progress this past week, working my way through revisions. Still on track to finish this WIP by the 15th if all goes well. *crosses fingers* *uncrosses them so I can get back to work*

  12. Wow, Lora, you were very productive! Good luck with the rewrites.

    Shari, good luck to you, too! I'll cross my fingers for you. :)

  13. Checkin’ in. Last week, I hit my word goal and a bit more at 11,675 for the week. Going pretty strong this week as well, but today I didn’t get any writing on the actual manuscript done. Still, I did write out around 2500 on scene notes so that I know where I’m going with each scene as I write them. I know that it’s still good prep and it will set me up for productive days having a solid direction, but when I don’t get any writing on the MS done it still feels like I’m falling behind.

    Really, it’s irrational because all I need is another 3k day (which having the scene notes tends to help with) and I’ll be back on track, but it still feels like I didn’t do enough. Of course, there’s the added distraction of a sick family of late. Ah well. I’ll catch up tomorrow. Got another 1500 words to go and I’ll be 20% of the way there on book 2. I keep going this way and I should make my goal of finishing before the end of the year. However, there will be a bit of distraction coming in the form of movie shoots for that screenplay I helped write/repair. I’ll be lending a hand there, but at least it sounds like it’ll be weekends.

    One thing about writing book 2 before going back in to do revisions is that I get a good chance for book 1 to sit around for a while before I go back to it.

    And I’m still workout free. Just trying to find a good time to schedule it. I’m usually in too much pain in the morning to do it, so it’s gonna have to be an evening thing, like before bed.

  14. Daniel,

    Wow! I'd still call that lots of progress! I agree, having the scene notes is really helpful. Good luck making your 3K day.

    As for exercise ... night-time doesn't sound like a bad idea. Not at all. For me, at least, I find my brain functioning better, and I sleep well after.