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Monday, October 3, 2011

October WIPmadness: Week 1 Check-in

Hello again, #WIPmadness folks! Two days ago, we all said what we were going to do this month. Each of us is in our own unique space, from having a huge list (um, guilty) to specifically not committing to any goals at all. Now that the weekend's past, how has eveything worked for you?

My weekend was not as productive as I would have liked. Don Rocko and I may be fighting colds and I personally found it hard to get into a creative headspace because I felt fairly foggy for much of Saturday and Sunday. I managed to cross of roughly two items from my Revisions list, when I was hoping for something more like five.

But other useful things happened! Some NaNoWriMo preplanning business came up that could have very fruitful results. I honed and confirmed my suspicions about writing down everything I eat without judging it, and noticed that it helps in the shrinking department. Or has the potential to, at least. Time will tell for sure.

I'm looking forward to being productive today, which is my biweekly Monday off, and the rest of the week. I'm feeling very optimistic about what lies ahead. How about you?


  1. Early days, but so far so good. I've managed to meet my daily goals, anyway. I'm kind of trying out a different tactic of just focusing on the emotional points of a scene and the dialogue, leaving the descriptions and exposition for later. (In other words, the parts I have trouble with!)

  2. Oh! Eeep! Whoops! I missed the goal-setting the other day, but I am definitely on board and ready to go!

    I am full-steam ahead on drafting my historical fiction/magical realism YA this month. My goal is to complete 50 pages this month.

    I did take this last weekend off so I'm starting at 0 today, but I am ready to start running with it!

  3. Hope your cold goes away soon!

    I had a good editing/writing weekend. I revamped the first three chapters of a WIP based on beta notes and got a little bit done on my in-progress WIP.

  4. I did some revisions - yay. Making good progress and I stumbled on to a couple of small chapters that didn't need too terribly much. Interesting though, my manuscript has swelled from just over 60K to just over 63k as I've added more detail and world-building elements. I'm still struggling with a few voice issues in the early chapters, but I'll get there.

    Last night I got to go book shopping and bought a book called, The Keeper, about a world cup goalie for my son's birthday - he's the keeper for his high school team. And for me, Hex Hall and With a Name Like Love. Yay - new books! The stack is now at the appropriate tower height.

    Feel better L.S. and happy writing week all!

  5. Feel better, L.S.!

    I haven't been very productive at all. Feeling blah about the WIP. So I thought maybe I should do some revision on the historical while I keep pondering what the WIP needs.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  6. Oh my. I just woke up. I must have really needed that sleep! (For the morbidly curious, I had the tweet and the post written last night and scheduled to update on their own.) Now, time to get to work!

    Jamie, that sounds like a great way to move forward. Get town the gist while it's fresh in your mind and come back to it when you're ready to expand. How long are you intending to wait before you do?

    It's okay, Kiperoo. Sometimes we need a weekend off. Glad to see you here!

    Thanks, Jennifer. I may have finally kicked it by sleeping in today. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping, at least. Yay you for the productive weekend!

    JRo, that's fantastic. Sounds like things are coming along exactly as needed. Tell me about it with the TBR pile. I'm lucky we have a bookshelf where I can stuff them, but it means I have to cycle out the ones I've read to a storage box, or lend them out.

    Thanks, Angelina. I agree: work on something else. Or take a break by reading. Sometimes another writer's words can be just what you need to get past blocks in your own work.

  7. I'm just getting up and organized, too, LS -- worked 12-hr nightshifts Sat and Sun, so haven't done a thing for WIPmadness since posting my goals. I'll have time this evening, but with it being my sleepy "transition day" back to normal schedule, my brain doesn't usually kick in for creative work. Will likely not try, and start fresh tomorrow morning.

  8. Shari, I completely understand. Hope your writing goes well tomorrow.

  9. Blah! Work has been in the way, but I'm hoping this week will shine a little brighter. (I really should try not to be so good at my job...)

    Putting my head down and charging in, now...

  10. That's exactly the way to do it, Mary Ann. :)

  11. Back on the ball, I think, on the second book. Had to do some writing for someone else on Saturday... I don't really work weekends. It's my family and chore time. If he wasn't a friend I'd charge a lot more for working on it on a weekend. But hey, he told me I'd get paid if I finished it and any possibility of money sounds good. I've been burned quite a bit by indie film, but I do trust this guy, so we'll see. It's paid on percentage, like most indie stuff, so I won't see anything till the thing starts selling. Still, I'm certain he'll actually finish the thing and get it out there. Not like others I've worked with.

    I'm getting word count goals again. A little short yesterday, but the day before was over word goal, so it balances. Been a little lax in planning out my scenes before I write them like I did in the previous book, but it's still shaping up well. I had some issues the first week with some plot elements I had to nail down and word count stank, but I also started mid week due to that other writing project. Still, I feel like I'm back on track and running smoother.

    Haven't started a workout regimen yet though. Need to find a good time to do it. Might be in the evening sometime. I usually hurt too much when I wake up to do it in the morning. And hey, if I do it in the evening it'll give my wife the excuse she's been looking for to follow through with her own routine.

  12. Well, the fact that I'm posting my goals five days into the month should indicate how productive I've been this week writing-wise. I'm in that weird limbo between turning in one set of revisions and waiting for notes to launch into another round. For now my goal is to finish a synopsis of my WIP and maybe chapter two before I get pulled back to the other book again. Oh, and I'm putting together an application for a writers program.

  13. Daniel, it sounds like you're on a roll. And there's nothing wrong with taking a break and writing something new, whether it's writing for pay or because you just need a break. Your productivity astounds me.

    Jeanne, welcome. Sometimes life gets in the way, but you're here now!