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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Therapy through Comedy (Blank Space Filk)

A cluster of toadstools, red with white speckles, on a lawn, surrounded by green grass and fallen autumn leaves. Image copyright © 2018 Laura S. Taylor.

Hey, folks. It’s been awhile. I’ve been doing a lot of personal work while facing significant challenges, health and otherwise.

One thing that I find therapeutic, and healing, and also fun, is filking. I can’t read music, but I sure can carry a tune. Like I said in my last Million Words post, I always have some song or another in my head. That’s why it’s so easy to filk.

On that note, I absolutely adore Taylor Swift. As a person she’s an inspiration, and her songs are great. So it was fun to write this parody filk of “Blank Space”. And much like the I Will Survive / You Oughtta Know mashup I created last year, crafting this felt right.

Efforless (Sad Case)
(To the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”; parody by Laura S. Taylor)

Heya sweetie, how’ve you been
How you’ve changed since we bid adieu
Thinning hair, sallow skin
Say, that ulcer looks good on you, but hey,
Don’t feel bad
It’s clear that you’re no Gallahad
That’s why you gave up what we had

Blissful nights, tender days
I was head over heels for you
Marriage vows, loving gaze
And I thought you felt that too, but you switched
Apron strings for wedding rings
And while you made my heart sing
Turns out you were foreshadowing
(The night we met, I thought you were joking)

You said you spelled it “effor”
Too much work for you to write the T
When you decided it was over
You didn’t bother to inform me
I thought we were forever
Thought that we had everything
But you’re a sad case baby
And you crushed my dreams

Lost future, vanished friends
I was a pariah overnight
Fallen tears, loose ends
Pardon me for trying to fight for us
At first I tried 
To save our love
But you denied 
True feelings you just chose to hide

New arrival, supposed friend
She was conveniently present
Scheming hussy, feelings spent
She saw you and said,
“Oh my god, he’s the one
I want him, I’m having fun
Who cares if his wife comes undone?”
(They call it emotional cheating for a reason)

’Cause it was too much effor
Too much work for her to find her own man
She decided you should be hers
You chose to throw out what you had
Got a long list of lies she’s told you
But you can't even do the math
’Cause you’re a sad case, baby, and she’s
A sociopath

Oh, adulting’s only hard if you force it
First you gotta, first you gotta own your shit

Yeah, you said you wrote it “effor”
Too much work for you to write the T
Communication was just too hard
For you to work it out with me
Your cowardace was life-changing, but I’ll be okay cause I see
That you’re a sad case baby, 

And now I’m free

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