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Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrate! (#WIPmadness check-in, December 23rd)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, everybody. Sing along!

Holiday parties are fairly ubiquitous, regardless of what folks celebrate this season. It's about the love, the laughter, the food and drink. About spending time with the people you care about. That's what really matters. Writing goals...well, we try our best, but it's important to have fun, too.

Friday I attended no less than three parties, including the giant bash at Academie Duello. Swordplay and wordplay both featured highly, as the evening also served as the official launch for Pulp Literature Magazine, an incredible new market that features several SIWC folks, including Tyner Gilles, C.C. Humphries, Jack Whyte, and J.J. Lee, among others. There were readings and swordfights and a few amusing skits, to boot. J.J. Lee read from The Last Train: a Christmas Ghost Story, which is going to air on CBC radio's On the Coast with Stephen Quinn tomorrow night between 3:30-6PM PST. I absolutely love that two of my worlds mixed. I got to see all of my friends from sword school, especially since I haven't been back in awhile. (Dueling and ankle/knee injuries don't exactly mix.) I also got a chance to visit with some of my SIWC friends.

Then on Saturday Rocko and I had a little party of our own. Nothing wild, just lots of fun and food and conversation. Everyone made it home safely. The best kind of party, in my opinion. On the big day it'll be the usual: vegetarian brunch with my family, then turkey dinner with Rocko's.

And tiger butter. I have made so much tiger butter this season. But really, that's no surprise at all. *grins*

All this, garnished with a big helping of beta reading and PitchWars revisions, is how I'm celebrating this season. How about you?

And speaking of celebrating ... has helped me choose another winner from last week's comments. Shari Green, please contact me!


  1. Me?! Woohoo! And here I am checking in ON TIME AND EVERYTHING! Thanks, Laura. I'll email you.

    I knew I was starting to feel better late Friday evening when I managed to focus for a whole hour, lol. Saturday was even better, and today I've actually got energy. Yahoo! Feels great to be able to focus on revisions in the bit of spare time between Christmassy things.

    Laura, you're such a party animal! I can't imagine hitting three parties on one night. 'Tis the season for introverts to surprise the rest of the world... ;)

    Merry Christmas to all you lovely WIPsters. Your friendship and support feel like an ongoing gift, and I thank you all! You're the best.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! And I'm glad you made so much tiger butter--my package arrived today, just in time for Christmas! Thanks again! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. I've been meaning to ask you about Academie Duello. My sister and I've been wanting to go but our schedules never coincide.

    This week involves less writing but more R&R with the family, so I'm quite happy with that.

    Happy holidays from a coast more west than the one I usually post from. :)

  4. I didn't check in on Monday, but I continued to write last week, mostly just in the evenings. Christmas Eve and tonight, Christmas night, are a washout when it comes to the writing, but it's been a wonderful time of family celebration and Christmas worship. The writing will resume tomorrow. :)

    Congrats to DD Shari for being the lucky recipient of more of your holiday goodies. (Like any of us NEED any more holiday goodies... but your tiger butter is SOOOO good!)