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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Case of the Mystery iPod

"Mystery iPod" © Laura Sheana Taylor, 2012. Metallic blue iPod. I scored this for five bucks at a garage sale. But what if its contents are worth way more?
This is just a quick note to say that yes, I am well aware that I haven't updated my blog in weeks.  Mostly, this is because I have been revising like mad because hey, SIWC 2012 starts on Thursday. (Okay, and I paused for a breather, and I have another WIP that I'veplotted in earnest in preparation for NaNoWriMo. But mostly the revising thing.) To be perfectly honest, as someone not much published yet, I think my focus needs to be on my work, and this blog is fun, but it can wait right now. There's a novel to be polished.

I still have ConCarolinas 2012 notes.

This is going to be the running joke, isn't it?

Regardless, I still think the notes are worth sharing. One of the nice things about my belatedness is that it often brings back fond memories of SIWC and ConCarolinas long after the fact.

So I'll be back soon with notes from both ConCarolinas and SIWC, but no promises as to when.

In the meantime: here's an interesting writing prompt for you.

See that beat-up iPod in the photo? The college where I work had a garage sale on Wednesday. Some of the things sold include items turned into Security but not claimed after a year. I scored that for five bucks. People were dubious about whether it would work, especially since the top panel (not pictured) is missing. But I took it home, plugged it into an i-charger (yay ubiquity) and sure enough, it works just fine

Sure, I could wipe it and use it as a spare, but I don't need a spare, not right now. But here's the thing: it still had all of the former owner's music loaded onto it.

What is that music? What does it tell me about the original owner?

This sort of thing definitely gets my creative juices flowing. Tell me, what do you think? Who was this guy or girl? What sort of playlist was it? What if the person I assume it is by profiling the playlist is nothing like I think?

Have fun, kids. See you on the other side of SIWC 2012.

In the meantime, it should be noted, however belatedly, that Charlie Holmberg was kind enough to interview me for the "Someday Stars" feature of her blog at the end of August. Want to know what I'm up to? There you go. The only update to that is these revisions I'm working on, when in the interview I state that SotS is complete. I am so grateful for my beta-readers, who it must be noted are *awesome*.


  1. Cool score!! So - is the playlist any good?

    1. It's definitely got a running theme. ;)

  2. Enjoy the conference....and LOL on the notes. Where in the world is NoCarolina? Happy revising for rest of the week!

    Here's my guess on that cool score! Filled with alternative music from around the world-including Florence and the Machine. Also has tracks on in from the owner who did covers of many of the songs. Recorded them herself. She gave up the dream in a fit of anger and threw it, broke back cover off. Brother took it, hid it...then lost it, lol

    1. Thanks! And oooh, I *like* your guess.

      ConCarolinas is in Charlotte, NC.

  3. Hey, welcome back! (To blogging, I mean.) What a story that iPod could tell if only it could talk instead of just sing and rock out a beat. It must be a little like taking whatever comes when you turn on the radio. So, do you keep listening, or shut it off again?

    I must have missed your interview with Charlie. Will head over and have a look now. Looking forward to seeing you at SiWC. One week? Eeeeek!!

    Carol Garvin

    1. Thanks, Carol! I find the radio a mixed blessing. Some commercials are too terrible to bear.

      See you at SIWC! :D